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At GP Mechanical, we know that your house is where you find comfort and peace. For years we have been working tirelessly with utmost passion and dedication to providing our clients with home improvement services. 



We understand that you want the best of the best for your house, be it for repair services or complete remodeling of your kitchen or house. Fully licensed and insured, we aim to provide you with customized designs, excellent customer services, and outstanding craftsmanship you couldn't experience anywhere else. Whether it is repairs, installations, adding finishing touches, or creating a whole new look for your kitchens and baths, we have got it covered. With years of experience under our belt, we take pride in providing you with functional options and aim to turn your ideas and dreams into reality. 



Plumbing Repair

The GP Mechanical team is ready to tackle any repair tasks that you might have lying around bothering you. 

Rough and Sewer Cleaning

Among other services, rough and sewer cleaning is another task our skilled professionals can tackle. 

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

You will be starting all your days from your bathrooms, so it needs to be fresh and appealing. 


HVAC Services

Our team of technicians and certified progressions will be there to work on your faulty heaters, air conditioners, or any other comfort hardware that might be acting out

Finish Services

At GP Mechanical, we provide the industry's most talented and professional finishing workers. 


Sump Pump Services

Are you having a problem swath your sump pump? Well, you don't have to worry anymore


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Nick Wilson, Mission Bay

A very professional team made the entire experience a breeze for me. They are very friendly and helped tackle all the major and minor repair work we had piled up. Also, a perfect amount of transparency was provided when it came to the costing. We were made aware of all the costs, and everything was super affordable! From giving quotes to resolving our maintenance issues, they were very efficient and helpful. 


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New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania

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